Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Last Week in TBG TV: September 28 – October 3, 2009

Community - "Introduction to Film"

The last few minutes featuring the unveiling of Abed's film was…I mean, holy sh*t, yo. My allergies even kicked in a little, making my eyes all red and watery. I wasn't feeling Pierce's (Chevy Chase) "sneeze therapy" routine, but Troy's little girly sneezes killed each and every time. Very solid episode. Hope there's more stories featuring the depth of the secondary characters this season. Grade: B+

The Office - "The Promotion"

Remember that episode a few years ago when Jim took it upon himself to re-jigger the office birthday celebration protocol and ended up alienating all of his co-workers? Yeah, this was the same thing – except spread out over an entire half-hour. Points, though, for Pam begging for cash instead of wedding gifts. Might I recommend a "money dance"? Mrs. Bootleg and I cleared $650 at ours. Grade: C+

Law & Order: SVU - "Sugar"

This week's most absurd SVU moment: We have a tie this week. The confession of a suspect who waived his right to legal counsel was halted by the DA for fear that the suspect was too traumatized for his confession to stick. Later, the same suspect convinced the detectives to remove his handcuffs so that he could give his daughter one last hug. The end result featured a lot more scissors thru the neck than you'd expect.

Cougar Town - "Into the Great Wide Open"

I am loving this show and I don't care who knows. The montage of cell phone photos had me wheezing – in a non-asthmatic way! I think! I'm still not feeling Grayson the neighbor, but every other character had a chance to shine here. Andy's "coffee reaction", Ellie's genuine interest in Jules' evening and the Cobb boys fire extinguishing the bouncer. Gold. All of it. Grade: A

Modern Family - "The Bicycle Thief"

The bicycle storyline delivered despite the telegraphing of most of the plot points. I'm a wee bit worried that Ed O'Neill seemed to be channeling an Archie Bunker archetype and Cameron n' Mitchell regressed right to the edge of their own two-dimensional character development. There's still plenty of time to work out the kinks here, so we'll give 'em a pass. This week. Grade: B+

Accidentally on Purpose - "Memento"

Actually, a pretty clever little bit of business here. This episode featured several flashbacks to last week's pilot, but with additional original material a la that "Lion King 1 ½" DVD from a few years back. Glad to see Zack's friends get some more screen time as they're a LOT less annoying than Billie's harpy squad. There was some sweet storytelling here, but this episode felt much more "sitcom-y" than the pilot. Grade: B-

Still on the DVR: FlashFoward, Law & Order


Joe Reid said...

I actually thought the Cameron/Mitchell plot was the strongest of the three, starting out with the well-worn assimilation premise but consistently delivering new wrinkles to it. I almost wish the Meryl Streep scene had ended on Cameron's murderous look to the camera (sans the weepy confessional). That was killer. Plus Mitchell's "I just stole a toddler's intellectual property" was the line of the night.

Glad to have company in the Cougar camp, too.

Scottdids said...

Yeah I'm on the Cougar Town bandwagon too, though I can see the Scrubs influences all over it. The picture montage was like a Facebook album gone awry. Sadly, I know girls who put Facebook albums like that up. These girls are also 28 years old and can't figure out why they can't keep a boyfriend.