Friday, October 30, 2009

"O, Birthday Boy!"

It's no secret: American/Canadian relations have been strained over the years.

And, if it's not my fellow countrymen booing the Canadian National Anthem, then it's Calgary's favorite son dissing the United States:

In the summer of 2006, That Bootleg Family spent a week in Vancouver. Next summer, we're going back for another week. I love that place:
Ketchup Lay's potato chips, the ubiquitous little Maple Leaf imbedded inside distinctly American Logos, Sportscentre and – OMG – these guys!

Speaking of which, since I began this little anonymous internet gig, I've been fortunate enough to pick up readers from north of border. And, one of them has a birthday today!

So, to m'man Scott from Vancouver – with love from your wife – happy birthday from the entire Bootleg Family. I hope the
poutine was plentiful. I wanted to get this up sooner, but today we scheduled "family portrait day" and Mrs. Bootleg nearly killed…

Nah, I'll save the write-up for later. Consider it a belated birthday gift.

(Spoiler Alert: Everyone survived the photo shoot.)


CrazyCanuck said...

Ah, the Vancouver Canadians, good memories. Especially this one. Truly one of their greatest moments.

Hope the Bootleg family has a great time in Van next year. Great place to vacation.

And Happy B-Day Scott, have a good one!

Scottdids said...

Hmm, I asked for something from Bill Simmons and I get this?

In all seriousness, thanks to Haley and my little guy Logan (well, not so little, he's 9 months old and about as big as Jalen) for a great birthday, including getting my birthday mentioned in my all-time favorite blog.

And thanks to Cam and his family for actually giving me a shout out, a lot of guys couldn't be bothered to put that kind of effort into writing birthday wishes up for somebody they've never even met or talked to beyond the blogosphere.

I've been on parental leave since the end of January and the birth of my son (I go back on Monday). Your blog has been one of the saving graces in helping me keep my sanity over that time. Knowing that your family is just as insane, I mean, quirky, as mine helped immensely with the 3 AM feedings and lack of sleep. From music to sports to fast food reviews to the latest Bootleg family escapades, you always keep me laughing a few times a week. I'm sure than I'm not the only one you touch that way either.

I told you this a while back, but the offer still stands. On your next family trip to Vancouver, drinks are on me. You probably won't be able to handle more than 3 Canadian beer without passing out anyways, so I'm getting off cheap. Mrs. Bootleg, don't worry, I'll have him back at a decent hour. The strip clubs close early here.

Jagjiwan said...

I miss Bret Hart.

Thanks for the shout-out to Canadians!

Anonymous said...

In defense of Missouri, that was a pretty awful rendition of the Canadian national anthem.