Sunday, January 25, 2009

TBG's Potpourri & Assorted Haberdashery

In my self-serving attempt to remain the ONLY African-American blogger with a 2009 post-per-day streak going…

M'man Josh Da Cane doesn't nearly get enough love in these parts. He's been on board since the days of my insanely long Friday column; he served as my Jewish GPS when I was back in Washington DC last year and he's coming out to Cali this spring. His input here: the man who REALLY should've played Tupac in that Notorious movie. Cluck-U Pac?

Speaking of DC, the Unnamed Defense Contractor just released their 2009 list of offsite contracts development programs. This year's locales: Phoenix, Washington DC, Nashua (New Hampshire) and Orlando. The current leader in the clubhouse for me is, once again, the District of Columbia. The bad news is the Nationals are on the road that week (April 27-29)…the good news is I could fly into Baltimore on a red-eye and catch the Orioles on April 26th at Camden Yards. Oh, and learn how to be better at my job and stuff.

Anyone out there doubt that gambling (like bacon) makes everything better? Movie Joe Reid is once again helming his annual American Idol pool. I'm not an Idol fan, but the chance to snatch the ginormous pot for only a $10 entry fee keeps me coming back. Linky, linky if anyone wants in. I was actually eliminated eight minutes into the season last year!

That Beer Snob Guy has a new review up. Black Chocolate Stout, anyone?

Finally, the Thai is about a month late with what would've been the greatest Xmas present of all time. Memo to Mrs. Bootleg…make this happen.


Tom said...

It was either Nashua, NH or Lebanon, NH where the security people pulled me aside to search my bag because they didn't know what my iPod charger was.

The security, check-in, and boarding line were all the same line, too.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Is that a New England thing? I've flown out of Hartford two or three times and there was one little old lady who was tasked with security, checking in and boarding. And, every fourth or fifth person just walked right thru w/o stopping.

I hope no terrorists read this lightly-read blog. (Save for Mathan).

daedalus said...

the thai delivers like the USPS: through sleet, through snow, not always quickly.

he is told that, also like the USPS, he has postal moments. he believes it to be a vicious rumour.