Friday, January 30, 2009

Behold the Power of Pork

There are no words to describe the sheer awesomeness of the this recipe. Really, what can one say to celebrate the overdue union of bacon, Italian sausage and barbecue sauce? Together at last?

Yes, together at last.

And, that the finished product appears to be served up on a biscuit only makes me want it more. We'll ignore the fact that, if you squint, it looks like a heavily-lacquered coffin.


JPinAZ said...

And for the appetizer:

michiewah said...

That looks yummy, gonna have to try it!

Here's a Puerto Rican dish you guys should try, called pastelon. It's not hard to make, similar to lasagna, but with ground beef and yellow plaintains! Here's a link for a recipe:

I'm a Puerto Rican from NYC, so believe me when I say this dish is "tan delicioso"!


That Bootleg Guy said...

About two or three lifetimes ago, I dated a girl who introduced me to plantains. They are truly nature's crack and I could eat them all day. Looks like Mrs. Bootleg is finna have to go shopping, michiewah.

And, JP, that might be the most glorious thing I've ever laid eyes on. It appears the bacon loaf's reign at the top of my food list didn't last long.