Sunday, October 26, 2008

TBG Eats: Burger King's NEW Mushroom n' Swiss Steakhouse Burger

Current Weight: 166.7 lbs.

Last Thursday, a bunch of us from the office of the Unnamed Defense Contractor opted for some post-work pints and a ginormous platter of Irish nachos at an ersatz ethnic pub up the street. Thankfully, I live less than three miles from work (or, in this case, "from drink") so with four glasses of amber sitting heavy on my belly, it was time to soak up the suds.

I remembered not being too terribly impressed with BK's Loaded Steakhouse Burger, which I ingested earlier this year. But, I'm a fan of Swiss cheese and fungus which – when combined with my limited memory and BAC-impaired motor skills – brought me back to the Burger King drive-thru for their Mushroom n' Swiss Steakhouse Burger.

The soggy corn-dusted bun was the same, as was the chewy rectangle of angus beef. There were a couple of squares of processed Swiss cheese oozing all over the place, which isn't anywhere as awesome as real Swiss, but it's fast food, so whatever.

Now, I'm normally the last person to make like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, but when "mushroom" is the first word in a menu item, is it axing too much to see more than three mushrooms on my burger? And, this isn't my usual bloggery hyperbole, kids…I counted. There were literally just three miniature mushroom slivers in there.

I'm not doing much of a sell job on this thing, but it actually wasn't bad. The fried onions (although, there weren't many of those either) were crispier than they were on my last Steakhouse Burger and the sauce tasted more like Heinz 57 than A-1, so I approve.

Next time, I'll just make sure to order one with extra…well, everything.

Grade: 3 (out of 5)

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Mathan said...

I too had this sandwich last week (though being sans tv, I had no idea it was new) and I was impressed. Mine had the perfect portion of mushroom to compliment things, so I really had no problem with the burger.

And I was wondering why I'd never heard of it, because since I'm without tv I get all of my info about fast food menu additions here.