Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only Five More Days of This Crap!

Those of us here in California have had to suffer through an especially annoying array of commercials this election season. And, like any good little liberal-socialist elite, I'm all about sharing.

First is a "No on Proposition 4" spot that would be terrifying if I had a daughter. But, since I don't, it's just really corny:

Here's a "Yes on Proposition 2" commercial that strikes a sympathy chord. Check out how it mixes in a (socially) inedible animal with the caged, decrepit conditions of animals we can eat. I hate dogs:

Next up is the scary gay marriage initiative! They'll teach our kids that boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls! These lessons will apparently occur during gay nap time, lesbian recess and wherever else space can be found within the intense K-through-6 curriculum:

Finally, Senator Dianne Feinstein speaks out against Proposition 8. I can't help but notice that she appears to be an amalgam of all four Golden Girls at this point:

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Mathan said...

Wow. Watching those ads makes me wish that a) I had a TV and b) that I lived in Cali. They're awesome.

I loved the warehouse doc not only had a labcoat, but a poster about washing hands.

I love that there's actually an ad showing how hypocritical white people are with their compassion for dogs and indifference to virtually every other beast. And it featured that hilarious "downer cow vs forklift" clip.

It irks me that some people are so sheltered that their kids first contact with a same sex couple would be via a school lesson.

But I love that the composite Golden Girl breaks it down as discrimination.

Thanks for sharin' Aaron.