Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick n' Dirty WS Thought – Game #1

I've gotten into a few arguments with friends over my notion that "hustle" is overrated. It's certainly not a bad thing, but if you fielded a team with nine players possessing the offensive skill set and "hustlosity" of Eric Byrnes, while I went with nine Barry Bondses and his glacial base path meanderings, my team would crush yours – all other things being equal.

That said, I cannot remember watching another game in recent memory which featured such an egregious act of…well, whatever the hell B.J. Upton was doing in his first two at-bats. Is he hurt? Jesus, dude was all but walking out of the box before commencing with a light jog as he grounded into a pair of double plays. And, a point missed by everyone today is that broadcasters Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were making excuses for Upton. Both blamed his sloth out of the box on being jammed on an inside pitch (at least in his first at-bat).

Keep this in mind if when one of them drops some sanctimonious character assault on Upton tonight.

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