Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick n' Dirty ALCS/NLCS Wrap-Up

Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays

What I Said: "Red Sox in 6…This one will come down to the talent on the field."

In my defense, I freakin' nailed that last part. The Red Sox looked old and outclassed even in the games they won. As I wrote to m'man Nick in the immediate aftermath: if Mark Kotsay is getting at-bats in the ninth inning of anyone's game seven, your Plans A thru Y have gone horribly awry. Credit to the Rays – it was an insanely exciting series even when the games were ending at 10:30 PM (yawwwwwn) – but, if any of you saw Jon Lester losing twice, B.J. Upton turning into Bernie Williams or Matt Garza as ALCS MVP, you can kiss my Black azz, liar.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies

What I Said: "Phillies in 7… [The] Phils have threats from the left side to put up a few crooked-number innings."

Ryan Howard kind of woke up, Chase Utley hit .353/.522/.647 and m'man Matt Stairs – the erstwhile Oakland A – hit the most dramatic home run of the series. All lefties. I'm just sayin'. The NLCS was also notable for accusations from Phillies fans that the Dodgers fans were too abusive and Manny's shocking revelation after the series that he'll sign with the highest bidder this offseason. Seriously, Dodgers' fans were shocked at this. Morons.


Joe Reid said...

Ah, the old "I was wrong, but in a way I was right" column. A classic for a reason, That Boston Sports/Bootleg Guy!

That Bootleg Guy said...

Hey, it's my old friend Joe! I would've responded sooner, but - funny thing - your taunting was all distorted and echo-y.

Almost like you were shouting from the bottom of an empty postseason baseball pool.

Anonymous said...

Do Dodger fans wear gloves to the games?

Jeremiah said...

As somebody who has watched the Rays for 10 years now, and especially closely this year since the franchise decided it'd be a novel concept to, you know, play baseball, I can honestly say that I had no freakin' idea that the Rays would play that well. Upton must've rubbed an entire tube of that flaxeed oil on his torn shoulder that he got Fedex'd to him by Barry Bonds, because he suddenly started pounding anything left over the plate. It's understandable that the dude hit only 9 homers this year with a torn labrum in his right shoulder (he'll get surgery after the season), but 7 in 11 postseason games? I'll have what he's having, please. How about Willy Aybar? The Braves gave him to the Rays for a few magic beans in February and the dude had clutch hit after clutch hit all series. He plays every infield position, switch hits, and can knoch the crap out of the ball from both sides.

Despite all that, and I agree that the Rays outclassed the banged-up Red Sox in every area, it could've been an epic tank job if it wasn't for the baddest brutha on the bump since a 20-year-old Doc Gooden or a glaring Dave Stewart. David freakin' Price is the truth. That dude has no pulse, and DL Drew is still standing in the batting cage claiming he didn't swing at that nasty pitch on the outside corner. I'll predict it now.....the World Series ends in Game 6 with Price striking out Greg Dobbs.

So, please pick against the Rays in the Series. You've been perfect with them so far, don't change now, my man!

That Bootleg Guy said...

I haven't been to a game at Dodgers Stadium in eight years and I can count the times I've been there on one hand. Can't say I ever saw anything egregious from the fans there. I *have* been to Dodgers/Padres games in San Diego and some of the LA fans are a thuggish and profane lot. Still, anyone who claims to be from Philly crying about fan abuse is hilarious to me.

As for the Rays...I'm with you on Price - right down to the "death stare". I hope that he single-handedly killed the notion that experience matters in the postseason. I'll take talent any day of the week.