Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"We Got the Teamwork to Make the Dream Work"

Thanks to Sean in Accounting for the find.

For the love of God, please stick around until the end for the "celebrities".

Melba Moore! Mayor Koch!! Cameo!!!

(I'll explain who the last one is in a future post, white people.)


Anonymous said...

The thing that sticks out about this is how freaking thin all the players look. Even Kevin Mitchell, to a degree. Thanks, steroids. And in Mitchell's case, pie.

JPinAZ said...

On god make it stop! No more crappy 80's team videos. My eyes!

And don't worry, some white folks already know who Cameo is.

Anonymous said...

Try getting the "We're gonna DOOOOOOO it, DOOOOOOO it, DOOOOOOO it, DOOOOOOO-OOOOO it" part out of your head for the rest of the day.

that nicka said...

good point by anonymous

rail thin athletes = no steroids and LOTS of cocaine.

Read the Bad Guys Won and hear the heart warming stories of how they would hang shit covered toilet paper in each others lockers.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Loved "Bad Guys Won". Great part on the original "plane ride from hell" as the Mets win the NL then proceed to drink, snort, piss and shit throughout the plane on the way back from Houston.

(Pearlman's Barry Bonds book is excellent, too.)