Sunday, January 6, 2008


Former No Limit Records recording artist and longtime Bootleg punching bag Corey "C-Murder" Miller wrote a book last year. For you non-rap fans, Miller is the younger brother of inexplicable zillionaire and erstwhile Dancing with the Stars farce, Master P.

If that doesn't help convey the shock that this clown is a published author, I went over to rap lyric site, clicked "C-Murder" and pulled the following lyrics from the first song I randomly found:

"Sometimes I want me a bitch, sometimes I don't
And sometimes I gotta bust a nut, and sometimes I won't "

Now, I know what you're thinking. And, for anyone who thinks I'm just cherry-picking the worst two bars in the song, here are the next two:

"Check it, from the Crips to the Bloods to the n*ggas sellin' drugs
Yet n*ggas pimp hoes in the muthaf*ckin' clubs"

Ah, hell, here are the next four:

"I'm the 'G' in gangsta
The n*gga that'll hang ya, the ship that'll sink ya
And the bullet that'll bang ya
I'm the hour in a clock, I'm the high on the rock"

Again…C-Murder, author.

His book, "Death Around the Corner", is appropriately titled for two reasons: (1) it's about a plucky urban scamp called "Daquan" (natch) who gets thrown into an Oz-like youth detention facility and (2) the title was also used by Tupac Shakur for a cut from his 1995 Me Against the World album. Y'see, Murder's entire career was built on lifting Pac's flow and stealing several of Pac's then-unreleased bootleg(!) tracks.

Anyways, it seems the book has been named the 2007 Book of the Year by something called "Conversations Book Club". I am not making this up. Here's a link to their (chuckle) comically poor layout. They're based in Jackson, Mississippi, which makes perfect sense. After all, when I think "literacy", make mine Mississippi!

The Book Club has arranged for readers to dial into a conference call with C-Murder to discuss his opus every Thursday at 8PM (5PM out here in Cali) through the end of February.

So, that leaves me just eight weeks to obtain a copy and plow through it, just so I can put myself through what must be quite the rigorous Mississippi literary screening process to discuss the book with Mr. Murder.

Bad investment, you say? Well, there are 24 reviews over at, where the book is averaging close to a five-star rating. Are you really going to doubt reader "M. Thompson" who said, "(C-Murder) could definetely (sic) make a movie out of this book." We won't tell M that every rapper already has.

Reader "D. Frazier – The Ghetto Fiction Queen" says, "There are no grammatical errors…", while fellow Amazonian "N. Klinker" says, "The story is well wrote…".

And, just like that, I've got a new addition to my Amazon Wish List.

Note: Aaron's birthday is March 30th.


Tom said...

"I'm the 'G' in gangsta
The n*gga that'll hang ya, the ship that'll sink ya
And the bullet that'll bang ya
I'm the hour in a clock, I'm the high on the rock"


C. A. Webb said...

I appreciate your bringing attention to the work we are doing to encourage reading all over the country.
What Cee is doing is stepping up and filling the gap that has been created by missing funds and the apathy of many.

The book is a great read and has doezens of social issues that it addresses. Once you read it I hope you will call in and join the discussion.

Continued success to you.