Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Occasional Obligatory Links Post

It's late and I've blogged quite enough for you people this year. Tonight, I'm That Boot-Link Guy…HAW!

Over at MachineGunFunk, my former co-worker Mathan Erhardt drops his top ten albums of 2007. See if Arcade Fire, Feist, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse can play nice with Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah.

Not to be outdone, the staff at BrokenDial have their top albums of '07, as well. Jesus, that's a big-ass list. Oh, and if you're having a bad day, this'll cheer you up. (Even if you don't know the guy!)

Movie Joe Reid has been in full-on Oscars mode this week. Dig his nomination predictions, his reflections on Tuesday's actual nominations and (especially) his thoughts on Heath Ledger.

M'man Tom Daniels is a New York Giants fan and life is good. Check out this great write-up before the Giants knocked off the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday.

Hate football? Love baseball? I just now came across the phenomenal Baseball Analysts website. There's been a weeks-long debate with ESPN's Buster Olney on the Hall of Fame merits of Jim Rice. Great stuff.

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Shawn M. Smith said...

Yeah for linking my engagement post! You know that the future-Mrs. Smith and I love the Bootleg, so thanks for throwing us a rad link.

Much love, homes.