Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meet My Links - Low Resolution

See those links on the right? They come with my highest recommendation, kids. Last week, I explained why Fire Joe Morgan makes the cut. And, as if they were rewarding the praise heaped upon them, FJM dropped a delicious dissection of a nonsensical column from infamous Philly blowhard, Bulbous Bill Conlin a few days ago.

This week's link needs no introduction from any of you who've been reading me for more than a minute.

Low Resolution

Synopsis: An entertainment and pop culture blog nonpareil, Low Resolution is helmed by entertainingly insufferable Buffalonian, Joe Reid. Quick hit movie and TV reviews for those of you who don't have half a minute to read an entire blog entry and expanded posts that, day-to-day, could cover the U.S. Open, Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe, Award Show predictions, Sabres hockey or why he'll be "deep in the cold, cold ground before he recognizes Missourah".

Positives: As we're smack-dab in the middle of the movie awards season, Low Resolution is updated about every eight minutes, give or take a day or so. Crazy amounts of comprehensive entertainment insight that's accessible enough to idiots like me…even when he's talking indie films that no one wants to see! Joe's writing style is sarcastic, self-effacing hilarity that all of Bill Simmons' fans think Bill Simmons does.

Negatives: As stated above, Joe is from Buffalo, which means that Low Res. is susceptible to extended snow and/or extreme cold-related down time for 48 out of the 52 weeks in our Lord's calendar year. Meanwhile, his incessant Tom Cruise bashing is thinly-veiled envy for America's wee acting icon. Most annoyingly, Joe has been known to occasionally break into "Buffalo English". As accurately outlined here, the "flattening and nasalization" of his writing leads to the mispronunciation of toddler-ready words like "mom" and "apple". And, while you and I would grab a Whopper at Burger King, Joe would get one at "Burger King's". Oh, and their fire hydrants are yellow.

One Sentence Summary: Far and away, Joe's the single most talented writer I worked with during my four-year 411/IP run and I don't backhandedly praise just anybody!

Next Week: Machine Gun Funk (a/k/a The TBG Shoot Interview…)


that mexican guy said...

Good call, Cam. I've been a fan of Joe's work since you guys were tag teaming on 411. Especially glad to see there was no mention here of y'all two missing football picks all season over on Joe's blog. Now that was comedy.

kevin johnson's friend said...

the "black actress survivor" reality show spoof you and joe did is still the greatest thing ever written, although i've got two more pages of the bible left to read and, i gotta tell ya, it's neck and neck right now

Joe R. said...

I'm calling shenanigans on that Wikipedia article. You have to be pretty white trash in this town to say "Burger King's," and nobody says "the Meadowview Lane." "The" is reserved for route numbers, DUH!

Seriously, though: thanks! Now I have to find a way to suck up to you.

captain crunch said...

Blasphemy and The Bootleg...all before breakfast. Ah, Christ, now I'm writing in Aaron's annoying alliterative approach...AAAHHH! I can't stop!

another simpsons fan said...

Joe R: Do they *really* call them "steamed hams" out there in upstate New York?

AJC: Great post. Looking forward to the MGF rant next week and you'd better come with gallons of piss n' vinegar.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Niice...a "Kevin Johnson" reference! I haven't gotten one of those in about 4 years, long overdue (bastard).

JOE: I gotta take Wikipedia's side on this one, son. If only because about 66% of their entries are at least 33% accurate and them'z good odds. Weirdo. With your "Burger King's" and "McDonald's's".

Simpson's Fan: No piss, no vinegar. I love MGF. If I do mock them, it will be in that good natured racial sense that only African-Americans can get away with. (And, don't the rest of you forget it!)