Sunday, January 7, 2007

How I Lost the Trailer Trash Vote

Last Sunday, I willingly violated 'guy code' for the sake of TBG material.

I posted a link to a letter I wrote to the sports section of our local, right-wing rag, The San Diego Union-Tribune. The newspaper ran the letter (which, if it's not still up, was a few words on the self-professed sports moralists here in San Diego who have no problem with a 'roided up Shawne Merriman on their team).

Anyways, the paper ran a
rebuttal letter by some broad who actually calls me out by name. I know that this is only interesting to me. I also know that no one should ever send out mass e-mails "bragging" that "Bill Simmons put me in his mailbag", etc.

But, it's Sunday. And, I need TBG material.


jae said...

I think you should write another letter to the paper that includes language like "I'm praying for the soul of Chargers fans" and "I'll be their moral compass". The two of you can exchange published barbs until you finish her off with "God hates you Ms. Stoddard. And, God hates all Charger fans."

Game, set, match.

TD said...

No bad press sticks to the NFL. It's amazing. People can't wait to kill Bonds and McGuire over something they may have done, while Merriman's failed a steroid test and wins awards.

But... you do have the all time Saves leader, right?

That Bootleg Guy said...

Don't get me started on Hoffman, Tom. And, on top of all the nonstop Chargers fellatio, tomorrow has apparently been designated "Tony Gwynn Day" in San Diego.

Never mind that he's already on billboards, on every other local commercial and they named our college baseball stadium after him. Nope, he's going to the Hall of Fame tomorrow as "all that's right with baseball".

Let the nausea begin.