Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tom's Ten Thoughts on Citi Field

M'man Tom Daniels went to the Mets' official opener for Citi Field last night. He's got a great write-up on his blog and I regret opting for "dinner with my family" after I got home, rather than watching the Padres and Mets go at it. Anyways, my favorite snippet:

I don't have kids, but the "Fanfest" area is pretty awesome. They have a "scale version" of Citi Field (Kiddie Field) where kids can hit wiffle balls off a tee and run the bases. In dead center field is even a mini-Diamond Vision screen where you can catch replays.

A mini-Diamond Vision for the kids' field? C'mon, New York…I mean, really?


SHough610 said...

It'll be fun for the Mets to raise that pennant they won last year... Oh wait... God I hate the Mets.

But I do like Tom and I liked his write-up.

Tom said...

Dude -- tell me if you were a little kid that a mini-Diamond Vision showing your highlights wouldn't be awesome.

And the Mets-hate at this point is baffling. It's like hating Greg Norman for losing too much. Yeah -- golf reference.

that mexican guy said...

Great read Tom! As a Dodgers fan, I haven't actively hated your Mets since the late 80s when America needed a big market team to hate before Aaron's Canseco/McGwire A's hit the scene.

OK, and maybe I hated them during the Bobby Valentine era, but it's been nothing but indifference since then.

SHough610 said...

Tom, a lot of my contempt comes from where I've been going to school. A LOT of North Jersey Mets fans who spent the last two years talking shit and then when the Mets choked saying things like "So? We still have the Giants!"

Tom said...

Oh... Jersey people.

Say no more.