Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Major League Baseball Quick-Hit Predictions

AL West - Texas Rangers: Shaky pitching, iffy manager, but the offense is THAT good and the division is THAT bad.
AL Central - Minnesota Twins: Every team in division has a glaring flaw, so as long as Joe Mauer gets back soon… (Really soon.)
AL East - Tampa Bay Rays: Better than the Yanks and Sox and, more importantly, younger. It's still a six-month season.
AL Wildcard - Boston Red Sox: Not crazy about 'em, but I can't see any other team reaching 88+ wins.

NL West - Arizona Diamondbacks: I was big on 'em last year and I might've just been a year early. Great young talent on offense.
NL Central - Chicago Cubs: Meanwhile, I eagerly await the first of many Lou Piniella-Milton Bradley blow-ups.
NL East - Philadelphia Phillies: Injury concerns aside, they've got the best home-field advantage in the division.
NL Wildcard - New York Mets: Finally, Tom.

World Series: Rays over Phillies


Mark said...

I have a feeling the Rays are going to underperform now that their are expectations for them.

Where are the Angels? Not as good as last year, but if the pitching stays healthy I can't see them getting under 88, and that's enough for the division.

Good picks though. I think the Sox are gonna win it all, but whatever.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Hey, Mark...I've got more thoughts on the Angels later today. I teamed up with my favorite Mets fan to do an over/under prediction thingie.

As for the Rays, I love that they have the luxury of fielding the exact same team that won the East last year, but with a huge upgrade at DH and David Price waiting in the wings.