Friday, April 24, 2009

The Parent-Teacher Conference

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a parent-teacher conference at my son's preschool. Consequently, the kids were out of school for the day and since we couldn't find anyone to watch Jalen, I was tasked with spending 25 minutes – alone – with J's teacher.

Mrs. Bootleg and I have been to a few of these conferences before. The teachers hilariously offer us the same size chairs that the children sit in and pour teardrops of warm water into Lilliputian cups.

Jalen's been at this preschool since September 2007 and, save for the occasional infraction, he hasn't had any real problems. Here are some highlights from our parent-teacher discussion. All comments are from memory and, if something below is not attributed, then it came from Jalen's teacher:

Jalen's Teacher: "In this picture, Jalen drew mommy, daddy and [his S. H. Babysitter]. He's very fond of her. Is she pretty?"

Me: "Oh, f*ck yeah." (TBG Note: I might've just thought this and not said it.)


"Jalen cannot, as yet, skip. Encourage bike-riding, balance-beam [activities], kicking with left and right foot."


Jalen's Teacher: "You should have a 45-minute 'hang-out time' with Jalen and focus on problem-solving."

Me: "What, like, everyday?" (TBG Note: This I did say. I didn't realize how awful it sounded until I recounted the exchange with Mrs. Bootleg hours later.)


Me: "How're Jalen's socialization skills? At home, he's almost pathologically competitive."

Jalen's Teacher: "Competitiveness is just undeveloped male immaturity. He'll grow out of it. When Jalen plays football at playtime, we try to stress 'fun' over who had the most points." (TBG Note: Jalen's teacher is British and she INSISTS on calling "soccer" by its "proper" name. Don't get me started.)


"We don't think children should be watching 'fantasy' (TBG Note: She refers to 'cartoons' as 'fantasy' for some reason.) until they're six or seven years old. Children need to be exposed to reality."


JPinAZ said...

"Competitiveness is just undeveloped male immaturity."

Makes me wonder what developed male immaturity looks like.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Pretty sure that's just the mission statement for "The Jimmy Kimmel Show".

SHough610 said...

I, like JP, wanted to comment on the "Competitiveness is just undeveloped male immaturity". Good for Jalen for being competitive! Not to go on a rant, but that's not a bad thing. Kids need to lose to learn how to deal with disappointment.

Though I think she exposed being insane by her comment about cartoons. What does she want him to watch?

That Bootleg Guy said...

A few weeks ago, all the kids received a letter from the school with "recommendations" on what to watch. The school always ties it to their overarching "Montessori" philosophy and, to their credit, aren't TOO ham-handed about it.

Stuff like "Animal Planet", Kids' Discovery Channel, etc.

Of course, Jalen favorite pasttime is telling everyone how he's unstoppable at the Nintendo Wii on "Mario Super Sluggers" when he's playing as Donkey Kong.

Baseball's still real, right?

Mark Smo in CT said...

Stop teasing us with the super hot babysitter or gtfo.

Nicka Daddy said...

Nice preview...I still can't figure out if I'm the best parent or worst while driving baby nicka to daycare while playing Metallica and/or Biggie. She 'seems' to like it. (Although her favorite song is still My Prerogative)

Hint; Delivered her to daycare with onesie flap not snapped after a hasty change so it's hanging out the back like a tuxedo coat tail.

Said the day care girl - "Look what daddy forgot to do!!"

Me - "I could have delivered her with a full diaper.."