Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nick MUST Contribute More to my Blog

From That Connecticut Guy:

Let me get this straight...last night the Rays had a ceremony that "raysed" the "AL Champion" banner??? Is that worse than your Oakland A's AL West Champions T shirt (get 'em while they're still in the playoffs)?

Or my 1995 Division Series Yankees vs. Mariners T shirt?

The Nick Swisher media crush is nearing Obama levels. Swisher pitching last night (I did enjoy him striking out that douchebag Kapler) got more coverage than the Rays' 15 runs.

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that mexican guy said...

That Obama/Swisher line killed me. He homered again tonight.

I'm glad the big-market media never knew he even existed when he was thriving in small markets like Oakland and, uh Chicago.