Monday, October 1, 2007

What I Said About the MLB Postseason Before the Season

So, let's revisit my playoff picks from my billion-word baseball preview back in March:

American League Division Winners: Red Sox, Indians, Angels

National League Division Winners: Mets, Cubs, Diamondbacks

Hey, 5 for 6! It would've been a clean sweep if not for...wait...too soon, Mets fans?

Anyways, I'm especially proud of my Indians/D'Backs daily double as NO ONE was picking either of these teams before the season. The Red Sox, Cubs and Angels were slam dunks, so my gloating for those three will be minimal.

American League Wildcard: Yankees
National League Wildcard: Dodgers

This one's win-win from where I sit. The Yankees won the wildcard, while the Dodgers collectively crapped the bed from August to the end of the season. The cataclysmic collapse of their clubhouse (veterans vs. rookies) and the familiar mismanagement stylings of Grady Little ensured another offseason of uncertainty for my 3rd or 4th least favorite team.

American League Division Series: Red Sox over Angels, Indians over Yankees

Again, these were my picks from before the season started. Today, I still stand by the Red Sox topping the Angels (in four). As for the Yankees/Injuns, I'll live with what I wrote six months ago, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Cleveland defeated.

National League Division Series: Mets over Dodgers, Diamondbacks over Cubs

AND, I called three of the four actual Division Series match-ups?! Has this ever happened before? No, no...don't look it up. Let's assume it hasn't. I'm still confident in my D'Backs pick (in four). They're a terrific young team that most of you have never heard of (pfft...east coast).

As for the other game...if the Padres win tonight, bet the Phillies in the NLDS. If the Rockies win, they'll take down Philadelphia.

Do it for the Mets fans, Colorado. Do it for them.


Joe Blanton said...

The A's have a lot of foul territory at their stadium.

Greg said...

Wow. Congrats on the pickery.

About that east coast bias I hear so much about... A little experiment. TiVo all the baseball action on TV. Start the East Coast games at 7, the Central games at 8 and the West Coast games at 10. For playoffs, make that 8, 9 and 11. Watch Sports Center whenever you want, but the edition from three hours ago with "live" updates from three hours earlier. Tell me which players names are most familiar in the morning. Do this for six months. It's not bias, it's having stuff that wakes you up in the morning like kids and/or a job.

sean in accounting said...

Just a great fucking game tonight. I hope everyone back east was able to make it thru.

Hoffman had nothing tonight, but that was an absolute b.s. ending as Holliday missed the plate.

Finna be a long winter.

castro said...

Hoffman's 500+ saves stat is probably the most meaningless milestone in sports. The guy actually takes a shower in the middle of the game to get "relaxed". Just a thought, but if you can bathe during a game, your record isn't that relevant.