Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Smarter Than John Kruk & Eric Young Put Together

With the AL/NL Division Series behind us – and with me sporting the only 4-0 first round playoff pickery score in America! – your intrepid Bootleg Guy sets his sights on the Championship Series. So, what'd I say back in March?

ALCS: Red Sox over Indians
NLCS: Mets over Diamondbacks

Get on board my gravy train, gamblers! I'll even bring the biscuits. Aaron's sticking with the Sox (in six) over an impressive Indians squad. Favorite Storyline: Can Grady Sizemore replace Derek Jeter as America's favorite bi-racial ballplayer? Answer: not with hair so knotty and an 1870s freed-slave name like "Grady".

Oh, and thanks again, Tom Glavine, for ruining what would've been an unprecedented run of prognostication on my part. It's the Rockies vs. the D'Backs in the NLCS and me thinks Colorado's clock won't strike midnight any time soon. Rockies in six.


Don Zimmer said...

Nice NLCS this year. I suggest combining the two teams and having them face the Red Sox in the World Series. Diamond-Rocks. And when have you seen two teams with that many white guys on them?

How come Tampa Bay is the only expansion team that can't make the playoffs and disappoint anyone who follows baseball?

Wang is a #3 starter at best
Clemens is a warrior
Jeter is always upset when he doesn't win the World Series
Phil Hughes was amazing - he pitched 3 whole innings
Arod is going to opt out of his contract
Torre deserves better
Cashman isn't making any decisions now on 2008
The Yankees are turning to younger players
Joba has electric stuff

It's awesome being a Yankee fan

that mexican guy said...

John Rocker's favorite "liberal jew" sportswriter has a great take on being a Yankees fan over at espn.com

Good schtuff.