Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Call It…The Good Morning Burrito!

Can this be true?

If so, three things about the article:

1.) "Food porn"!

2.) I think "country breakfast bomb" actually would've been a better name.

3.) It's available in a combo meal with a side of more deep fried grease and salt?



that mexican guy said...

Holy crap. How did you miss this part of the article:

In 2003 the chain introduced a line of big sandwiches, including the Monster Thickburger. The 1,420-calorie sandwich is made up of two 1/3-pound slabs of beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered bun.

"...on a buttered bun"! No wonder the terrorists hate us.

(More importantly, why isn't this monstrosity available at the Carl's Jr. in Cali?)

Tom said...

The closest Hardee's to me is 60 miles away.

I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Anonymous said...

And Hardees has a "salad" that's topped with fried chicken and onion rings? If I lived near one they'd be my new favorite restaurant!

them: "What kind of dressing would you like?"

me: "None. You've done enough to kill me, thanks."