Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Maui – The Miniseries, Part IV

In the midst of the least relaxing family vacation in 25 years ("I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose!") I'm left as acting Bootleg Family Leader while the wife remains glued to the laptop for news from San Diego. One of her girlfriends from home reports that Stately Bootleg Manor remains intact, so keep those fingers crossed for the only Black people that most of you know.

Now, normally, I abstain from watching the national media and especially when they're breathlessly covering a tragedy with their voices set on "solemn", "maudlin" or "Owen Hart". But, we're a six hour plane ride from home, so we make do with what we've got on Hawaiian television.

Overall, the CNNs and MSNBCs and Oppressed Rich White Guys Network Fox Newses have been informative with only a minimal amount of sensationalism. Just a few quick hits:

(1) Rancho Bernardo isn't a city, news guys. If you send us a letter, you have to address it to "San Diego". We're not on the outskirts, we're not a suburb, and we're still San Diego.

(2) San Diego is a good two hours from Los Angeles. The national notion that "Southern California" is one humungous homogenous community is laughable to anyone who lives out here. Furthermore, San Diegans hate Los Angeles. My heart still belongs to L.A., but I'd never live in that gridlocked cesspool of traffic and Crips, ever again.

(3) Finally...could someone tell the media to cool it with the whole "boy, this sure isn't like the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina" angle when reporting from Qualcomm Stadium and the 20,000-some evacuees who are there? The subliminal media message is obviously that San Diegans are more civilized, but the two situations are – to quote the most recent post at FireJoeMorgan – like apples and turds.

Anyways…back to the usual TBG crap, shortly. I went to Burger King this morning and enjoyed a "Portuguese Sausage Platter". Tomorrow, it's McDonald's and their Spam meal. Who wins? Who cares? Hey, you're the one reading this.

And, I thank you for it :)

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