Monday, October 22, 2007

Maui – The Miniseries, Part III

Ask me how my day was.


We're still trying to get acclimated to this whole "three hours behind civilization" gimmick that Hawaii has, when the wife received a frantic phone call at 3:00 AM.

It seems our San Diego County community of Rancho Bernardo is…well, you've probably heard.

So, day three in Maui was spent huddled around the laptop and watching streaming local news feeds about fast-moving fires and calling anyone we knew who might be in harm's way.

OK…I did hop in the pool for an hour and make another smoothie run, but I'd planned the day around these things, anyway.

For those wondering, we appear to still have a home for now.

Oh, and our 17-year-old, cancer-surviving, thyroid-addled cat was evacuated from the pet boarding locale at around 5:00 AM this morning. I swear to God, that bastard will outlive us all.

Hang in there, adopted hometown.


that mexican guy said...

Go to the local CBS site (Channel 8) and they've got a page with addresses of all the homes that have burned down.

Been pretty surreal out here, Cam. Our anonymous defense contractor is closed again, today and we're forced to watch the breathless know-nothing "breaking news" coverage all day.

Still, you've got a great story for when you get back:

Anyone: "Where did the Camerons evacuate to when the fires hit?"

Cam: "Maui. And...what fires?"

castro said...

And now there are no available hotel rooms in the city of San Diego. It's like Comic-Con weekend or something.

I'm done.

Tom said...

If there's a conspiracy theory website about these fires, I hope they talk about employees of a certain anonymous defense contractor being out of town the day before the fires started.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you saw any of the coverage of evacuees from Qualcomm Stadium. Idiots in the background waving like those clowns behind home plate as Anderson whatshisname from CNN was filing a live report.

"Yay! We're on TV!"