Friday, October 12, 2007

The 200 Word Knee-jerk Review for ABC's Pushing Daisies

Finally got around to watching the series premiere of "Pushing Daisies" yesterday, so allow me to be the last man alive to proclaim it the bestest show of the new season. At the risk of getting gushy, I honestly can't remember the last time a show made me smile as much. Now, the premiere only had one or two laugh out loud moments ("Bitch, I was in random proximity!"), but from beginning to end, the characters were spilling sheer likeability all over my TV.

Lee Pace plays "Ned" – simple pie proprietor, who is able to bring back the dead with one touch and send 'em back to Jesus with a second. His earnest mug belies the anxiety this power presents and credit the show for embracing this moral conundrum – albeit half-heartedly – in the premiere. Chi McBride, who was a neutered tool in last season's "The Nine", is "Emerson" – a private dick who gently exploits Ned's powers into a partnership for monetary gain. The premiere episode spun a wonderful balance of humor, heart and heartbreak. The challenge, going forward, will be maintaining the show's quirky soul. Simply put: this is the show that's not for everybody, but actually is.

Verdict: WATCH!

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Anonymous said...

WATCHED it, liked it. But I really think this show is going to be too weird for a large audience to embrace. The premiere finished at #14 in the ratings which is awesome, but I can totally see it losing a lot of those people who only showed up from the buzz. I hope I'm wrong.