Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Only Fall TV Preview You'll Need to Read - Tuesday

Shows I'm Already Watching: Longtime readers might remember that when Baby Toddler Little Boy Bootleg was born, there were some health issues that kept him on house arrest for the first few months of his life. During that time, the Mrs. and I (finally) discovered the Law & Order family of shows.

OK…"discovered" like Columbus "discovered" America, but you get the idea. Years later, I'm still a sucker for Law & Order: SVU. Last season was weakened, somewhat, as the writers had to work around Mariska Hargitay's pregnancy/childbirth for the first dozen or so episodes. Meanwhile, Richard Belzer's "Munch" and Ice-T's "Fin" characters were just afterthoughts, but m'man Chris Meloni upped the intensity level to "Eckstein/Erstad" heights of effectiveness. The show's become a preachy, ridiculously liberal soapbox for executive producer Dick Wolf, but it's still compelling TV when it wants to be.

That's it for Aaron on Tuesdays. No House, Bones or Boston Legal. If we're to believe the previews, Hugh Laurie has "crossed the line" or "done the unthinkable" at least 200 times since House premiered. How does he stay licensed?

The One New Show That Will be TiVo-ed (for at least one week): On the one hand, I love shows that are colossally awful and embrace their ineptitude. I grew up supporting such stink bombs as ABC's I Married Dora, The Charmings and Sledge Hammer!. From there, I found FOX who contributed crap like Whoops! and Babes. And, then there were the first few seasons of UPN and The WB. Anyways, this is my usually long-winded way of saying I'll give Cavemen a spin. Hey, some people watch NASCAR exclusively for the crashes. CW's Reaper actually looks intriguing, but…man, it's like an hour long.

The One New Show I Ain't EVER Watching: I can't work up enough of a defiant lather over Carpoolers. It stars Jerry O'Connell as a "playboy dentist" and three other guys who kibitz on their commute to work. Alternate title: Sex in the Sebring. Thankfully, I can proudly avoid Jimmy Smits' new drama Cane. CBS also digs up the remains of Rita Moreno and Hector Elizondo for this hour-long soap opera of money, bitches, greed and deceit set in New Central America (Florida). Most disappointing? The title refers to sugar cane. Over/Under on how many episodes it takes for sugar cane's older, runny-nosed brother "Co" to make a cameo: 1.5.


that mexican guy said...

Sledge Hammer was tha shit, Cam. I *loved* that show! Obviously, it was a product of its era (the Reagan '80s, etc.) but it was damn fine satire. Throw in a leggy sidekick and the dependable ol' angry black police sergeant?


Tom said...

Sledge Hammer and Stink Bomb in the same sentence does not compute.

That Bootleg Guy said...
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That Bootleg Guy said...

My bad. I should've made more clear that I was talking about shows with low ratings. As anyone who knew me in 1986 can attest, Aaron watched Sledge Hammer every Thursday night (they put it against The Cosby Show, ferchrissakes!)

And, yes, they had TV in 1986.

HA! Nipped the "Aaron = old Negro" jokes in the bud. Now get off my damn lawn.

JPinAZ said...

The Munch on SVU is a pale shadow of the original character, even after all these years.

And at least you didn't watch "The Charmings".