Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Aftermath

Just so everyone knows, this won't be a regular feature of bitching, pissing and second guessing. But, in a week where Joe Reid puts up an ungodly 14-2 against my measly 10-6, I'm left to sift through the ashes of my own torching.

Atlanta at Minnesota - Well, I don't feel as big of an idiot as ESPN's Bill Simmons, who called the Falcons his guaranteed "sleeper" team this year, but it's close. Why didn't anyone tell me that Joey Harrington sucked? What the hell do I have a "comments" feature for, people?

Carolina at St. Louis - Should've seen this one coming since Marc Bulger is one of my fantasy quarterbacks n' all.

Denver at Buffalo - Nothing snarky to say here, as I have no idea how a team goes on when one of their own suffers such a horrific injury during a game. That said…c'mon, Buffalo. I had faith in you when your own fans didn't think you had a chance. This is how you repay me?

Philadelphia at Green Bay - We got this game in San Diego on Sunday. Here's a look into Andy Reid's playbook: "Ignore Brian Westbrook, establish passing game, stick with passing game even when Donovan McNabb is obviously playing at about 70%, ignore Westbrook some more, then go to Westbrook only AFTER the Packers have exposed McNabb, completely and have started stacking the box.

Tennessee at Jacksonville - Never trust a Black quarterback.

Detroit at Oakland - Moving right along…

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Anonymous said...

Joey Harrington stinks like ass Gina.