Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TBG Has Finally Seen…The Office

It's time for the start of an irregular new feature, kids.

Most of you already know that I'm the last person on earth to catch on to the latest technological advances (first CD purchased: 1997, first iPod: Xmas 2005, first HDTV: last week). So, before my friends and family can make fun of me for missing the bandwagon the first 400 times it stopped on my block, I thought I'd mock myself with this first look at what you've already been seeing…for the last several years.

I'm equal parts procrastinating and proactive, people.

Anyways…let's talk The Office.

While the award-winning, critically-acclaimed NBC sitcom is in its third season, I've spent the last few weeks getting caught up on the first two. And, thanks to a very rare confluence of a rainy day in San Diego with one of my 9/80 off Fridays, I was able to plow through the last eight episodes in one day last month.

Two seasons is enough of a sample size for me to feel quite the fool for ignoring The Office for so long. It's got a great ensemble cast, who display more on-screen chemistry that just about any show I've ever seen. Even the occasional and infrequent characters like Melora Hardin's wonderfully bitchy "Jan Levinson" or Craig Robinson's surly warehouse foreman "Darryl" seamlessly weave in and out of scenes.

Of course, there's not much left to be said about Steve Carell, who plays the role of "Michael Scott" with an oblivious, obnoxious charm that's ignorant, offensive and/or endearing. Yep, every adjective applies.

And, it ain't rocket science as to explaining why it all works: everyone who watches it can relate. Just off the top of my head, I know that my office has the equivalent of "Meredith the Middle-Aged Alcoholic", "Angela the Wet Blanket Vegetarian" and "Pam the Plain-Pretty Secretary". Don't tell my wife about that last one.

That said, there are a few things I don't dig. The soap operatic Jim-Pam-Roy love triangle got annoying really quickly. John Krasinski's "Jim Halpert" sometimes comes across as more "grating and smug" than "romantic and sincere". Consequently, it's hard for me to build sympathy for the guy. And, everyone knows that Pam and Roy are destined for doom based on the whole "Julia Roberts MUST end up with Richard Gere and NOT that rich snob, ably played by Bill Paxton (That's Bill Pullman, you fool!) rule".

I haven't watched any of the current season and my plan is to wait for the Season 3 DVD, then jump on board at the start of Season 4. Hope it's not cancelled before then. (Yeah, I know…see, that's the joke.)

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JPinAZ said...

Hell, I think I'm the last 30-something who HASN'T seen either the movie or any of the TV episodes.

c.j.s. said...

You ain't missing much. I guess I'm the only 30-something that HAS seen the show and still doesn't like it.

It reminds me of Seinfeld. These are all really unlikeable characters who are all equally annoying. Just because it's kind of funny doesn't mean I want to hang out with them for 30 minutes each week.