Friday, May 11, 2007

The St. Louis Preamble

Got back from St. Louis last night. Sadly, my luggage didn't make it with me. My complete recap is coming over the next few days, but here are three quick tips if any of you will be out that way in the future:

1.) If you're a tourist (especially if you're on a business trip) you MUST refer to "Missouri" as "misery", then laugh uproariously at your own play-on-words. Seriously, I was there from Monday through Thursday and heard someone drop that pun at least once a day, each time acting like he/she "just came up with it".

2.) Beware freeway on ramps. Unlike those ramps in your city, there is no "merge lane" once the ramp portion're now one with the Interstate and very likely to have an 80 mph truck up your ass in mere moments. Here in Cali, posted on/off-ramp speeds are usually 20-30 mph. In St. Louis, you'd better be doing 65 on that 270 degree circular turn.

3.) St. Louis women. Get one.

More to come...

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