Monday, May 28, 2007

The Oakland A's Monday #7

Overall: 24-25 (3rd Place, AL West)
Last Week: 2-4 (1-2 vs. White Sox, 1-2 vs. Orioles)

Has it really been 15 years since the A's traded Jose Canseco? Through the magic and illegal copyright violation of YouTube, we can now relive the original Sportscenter broadcast that covered the story.

Trust me…this was H-U-G-E news back in the day. But, since time hasn't been kind to Canseco, let's just enjoy the five minute video for the following reasons:

It features the old "blue screen" Sportscenter intro and cheesy duh-nah-nah, duh-nah-nah theme.

And, yep, those are the dulcet tones of a young Linda Cohn!

Don't blink or you'll miss a quick highlight of then-Braves OF Ron Gant. How did he bulk up from a scrawny 155 lb. middle infielder, anyway? The world may never know.

Best thing about Canseco: The Cuban Mullet.

More "don't miss": A's GM Sandy Alderson rockin' the receding white man afro…some words from Rangers GM Tom Grieve, who is the father of failed A's phenom Ben Grieve and, finally, a shot of then-Rangers owner George W. Bush, who looks positively adolescent here compared to the withered old fool he'd become. Those 3,400+ American military corpses on his watch have sure aged him, huh?

Ah, Ruben Sierra. Who else could contract chicken pox at the age of 29, but the man who was the very definition of the word "swarthy"? He came to his first spring training with the A's with about 30 pounds of added muscle and no one really knew how. This happened all the time in the '90s, but today the media retroactively claims they knew nothing.

A Lance Blankenship reference finishes the clip, thus making this the greatest clip in YouTube history.

This Week: vs. Rangers (3), vs. Twins (3)


castro said...

Nice find. Although it would really be the greatest youtube clip ever if this was broadcast on espn2(the deuce) and a leather-jacketed Keith Olbermann was covering the story.

zoo passes said...

Nice find, it certainly covers up the fact that you were too busy to actually review the 2007 A's performance this past week.

I'll take it.