Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Eat Fresh! (Not Including Pop Culture References)

I can think of three things wrong with this commercial:

1.) It's pretty obviously targeting the skinny white demographic and borderline alienating the Black and Hispanic markets. I mean, when did big asses and thick thighs (NSFW!) become a bad thing in women?

2.) "Badonkadonk"? Come on, Subway. That word became popular with the release of Missy Elliot's Work It single, which was so long ago (2002) that me and Mrs. Bootleg played the "hot new" song at our wedding reception. Dave Chappelle mocked it on his show a year later during the excellent "I Know Black People" skit and then it went away. Help me out, people…was this supposed to be funny in one of those "June Cleaver speaks jive in Airplane" sort of ways?

3.) Who eats at Subway?


sean said...

"Who eats at Subway?"

Nicely played, Cam. And for those of you who don't work with him, ajc carries one of their phallic footlongs back to his cube at least once a week.

Then, he throws away the wrapper (and the sweet onion sauce residue) in the trash can next to the secretary's desk, instead of his own.

Now, THAT'S some quality dry snitching.

c.j.s. said...

Apparently I've been living under a rock or I'm the whitest man in America, because I've never heard "badonkadonk" until this very second.

I feel like Homer Simpson laughing to himself, describing white people: "YES! YES! We're SO lame!"

Oh, and Cam eats nothing *but* Subway at lunch. And, he gets salads, too, sometimes.

Does the Black Caucus know about this?

mathan said...

Can't lie I was borderline offended when I saw the commercial.

Because really sarcastically saying "I'd like a Black girls ass" tends to get under my skin.

But then I thought about all of those white girls in tanning beds dreaming of lip injections and eating disorders and, well, I found my happy place.

Still, I was kinda half-hoping it'd start a race war.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is this commercial just isn't that funny. Is Subway fucking kidding me? 98% of their menu is deep fried, covered with cheese, slathered with mayo and served up with a side of "big grab" chips. They think because they throw in a box of raisins that it's health food?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out that a badonkadonk is not a bad thing!! Most white girls couldn't even dream of getting a badonkadonk, let alone ordering one from a fast food restaurant, because a true one is accompanied by a small waist. I'd rather have my badonkadonk than anorexia any day! Yay for any culture that appreciates a woman's curves!!

the artist occastionally known as thai said...

actually, recently the carbon unit designated 'girlfriend' has been partaking in subway fooding goodness.

i had an aversion to the store due to the oh-so-yumminess of the store on anaheim and ximeno (i KNOW you remember) but the new shop on los coyotes diagonal is actually quite decent. some of their food have actually become quite solid for edibility.

as an aside, i *think* there was some country dude who made a song with "badonkadonk" in the song title. couldn't tell you the time frame, however. so , in light of your assessment that their target audience is the caucasian underground, that *could* conceivably be their reference. without having been a fly in their boardroom meeting, however, i could neither confirm nor deny that than i could of any supposed "ruben sierra-impression" a certain AJC may have performed.

Anonymous said...

trace adkins' song honky tonk badonkadonk came out in 2005 and it used the word correctly referring to a badonkadonk as a good thing. somehow subway got it twisted. and by acting like curves are something to be ashamed of they are trying to appeal more to caucasians than to communities of color who appreciate curves and just want to feed the majority of women in hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Badonkadonk means BIG BUTT! It has NOTHING to do with a so-called "small waist".