Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome Back to The Bootleg.

Hello! I'm Aaron Cameron. You might remember me from such conceptual car wrecks as The Friday Music News Bootleg, which blended weekly music news with personal anecdotes, obscure pop culture references and Lil' Kim jokes.

My previous web employers included, and, most recently, But, after more than four years of sharing screen time with pro wrestling writers and faux celebrity reality "stars", ol' Aaron is venturing out on his own.

I have NO idea what this blog is going to turn into or even how long it'll last. But, if you liked The Bootleg or any of my previously published stuff, you'll like this. And, you newbies should stick around, too. You might not get all the jokes, but you can tell your friends that you now know a real live Black guy.

The Goodness is back.