Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TBG Beats: Redman -- "Lookin' Fly"

Longtime readers surely remember m'man Nick. Back when I wrote a weekly music news column, Nick carved out some creative real estate within my work by way of a feature known as "Nick'a Please".

He was the first one of my readers I ever met. We narrowly escaped arrest during an "open container" incident when he visited Southern California several years ago. Thanks to a steady stream of friends and family who wouldn't answer their damn phones, he was the first person I reached to share the news of my son's birth. (And, thanks to Mrs. Bootleg's c-section-mandated anesthetic cocktail, she didn't find out about Jalen until 24 hours later.)

I flew out to the east coast for his wedding. I got thrown out of the hotel bar at the wedding reception's after-after-party. And, Nick and his lovely wife were the primary reasons
the TBG Travel Diary was invented.

So, when Nick sends me an email with the subject line "Reggie Cameron", it's probably going to be blog fodder:

Redman is starting to look like YOU in HIS old age...explain this please. Check link to Lookin' Fly video. You need to make this goatee happen.

Go ahead and tell me the guy in this video didn't just whisper a Bootleg blog!

Let's process this one piece at a time.

"Reggie Cameron"

Redman's real name is Reggie Noble. Considering his commercial longevity -- he debuted on EPMD's Business as Usual album in 1990 -- a case could be made that he's the most underrated rapper of his era. Of course, you MIGHT know him better from
this or... this.

Redman is starting to look like YOU in HIS old age...

Let's check out
the link to his video again. Redman is featured in the upper left-hand corner. Now here's me in an exact replica of Red's 10-year-old leather jacket -- probably purchased at one of the since-liquidated Wilson's Leather stores -- cheap white t-shirt and knit hat. You be the judge.

You need to make this goatee happen.

Really? I mean, it would complete the package, but Redman and I already share that light-skinned kindred spirits thing, along with our receding hairlines and wrinkly foreheads whenever we change our facial expressions. I think three out of four common characteristics is sufficient, no?

Oh, right...the song.

It's a decent little snippet that encapsulates Redman's entire career: irreverent, sometimes ill-fitting, but undeniably charismatic. Of course, the Michael Jackson homage is nonsensical; but even if you've only listened to a little bit of Redman, it wouldn't make sense any other way.


Lew B said...

I tried looking at that picture objectively to see if I was buying the "street cred". I just couldn't do it. But yes, the fellow you were talking about in that photo does look slightly like you.

When you first started the post, i thought you were saying your friend (Nick) was saying his son was starting to look like you. That's never good.

Aaron C. said...
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that mexican guy said...

That Nicka pretty much nailed it.

And I've seen you at work..after you lost that weight, your suits fit a LOT like Red's tux in the video.

The "grimy" picture of you seals it though. Too early for me to be laughing like this.

I been SAYING the two of you need to team up again.

Another MFWNTAK list?

A music reunion?

Make this happen.

Other Joe said...

I can't see the videos at work so I'm not sure how much you look like Redman, but I'd say you have a good jumping off point for a Tyrone Biggums costume, Cam. I mean, Halloween is coming up.

Had I known you attend reader's weddings I would have invited you to mine this past weekend. Would have been fun to turn the tables on the wife as she tried to explain to me just who 75% of the people there were.

"Oh so that's your 2nd cousin's niece? Well let me introduce you to That Bootleg Guy."

Aaron C. said...

HA! Actually, at Nick's wedding, Mrs. Bootleg couldn't come, so I sat solo at a table with several of the groom's friends. Two sips into my drink, one of the other's at the table asked me:

"So, how do you know Nick?"

"Ummm...well, I have this blog..."

Turned out some of his friends read my stuff, too, which made things equals parts more awesome and awkward.

Carrie said...

As one of your blindingly white readers, I must admit (with an appropriate amount of shame) that I might know Redman better from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kaej4Wjkj1Q

Aaron C. said...

I cannot believe I failed to find a way to wedge in a Christina Aguilera reference. It was pretty much *right there* and I could've played it up as a Redman reference AND overt sexism.

Next time.

That Nicka's Wife said...

Oh, you don't go to all of your readers' weddings?? I'm flattered.

As far as that nick'a? Yeah, I think i remember him.

I'm sure he would love a trimphant reunion to being an assistant blogger. Just make sure it's after football season, or the next time you come to visit there won't be any body wash (I mean manly soap) in the shower for you.