Monday, March 29, 2010

TBG TV: FOX's Animation Domination -- 03/21/2010

Sunday's Rankings (5, 3, 2, 1 scoring)

(1) The Simpsons ("Stealing First Base") -- While not fall-down funny, this was still a fun little episode. I especially dug how much of the material related to me. Like Lisa, I was stigmatized as "gifted" in grade school. Oh, the jealousy. Wear your "A+++" proudly, girl. I know I did. The "first kiss" moment for Bart and Nikki (guest voiced by the terminally unfunny Sarah Silverman) included the same stomach-wrenching reaction from the girl that MY first kiss produced in Sara Gonzalez back in third grade. And, who doesn't love a skateboard montage set to the theme song from
Midnight Express? I can't forget the Michelle Obama (voiced by Angela Bassett) "She-Hulk" moment, which -- personally -- served as a terrific inside joke. For me.

(2) The Cleveland Show ("Once Upon a Tyne in New York") -- This...was a mess. Remember that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer
takes the family to New York? It was made up of a thousand satirical knives that gently stabbed with brilliant abandon. With the bar raised so high, The Cleveland Show gave us 30 minutes of Tyne Daly, Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro and Tyne Daly (again and again) jokes. She's fat, you know.

(3) Family Guy ("Peter-assment") -- From time to time, I feel the need to preface any criticism by letting readers know I'm not the type to be offended by anything on television. It's all entertainment. I get it. But, Terri Schiavo jokes? Let's set aside the obvious tastelessness...she died five years ago. The subject matter was almost as old as R. Kelly jokes. This segued into an unfunny mini-plot about Peter becoming paparazzi-crazy with his camcorder which (finally) turned into the primary plot involving Peter's female boss and sexual harassment.

MVP: Bart's inability to figure out the fairer sex gets him a sympathy nod here.

Quote of the Night: "[Pabst Blue Ribbon]?! I hope it can stay chilled for 16 years! (wink)" -- Rallo (The Cleveland Show)

Current Standings

The Simpsons -- 58
The Cleveland Show -- 46
Family Guy -- 33
American Dad! -- 30

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JPinAZ said...

You got a A+++ in grade school? It must have been all downhill after that.