Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TBG TV: FOX's Animation Domination – 03/14/2010

Sunday's Rankings (5-3-2-1 scoring)

(1) Family Guy ("Go Stewie Go") - Just so we're clear…the evil, Lois-hating, would-be world dominating version of the "Stewie" character was phased out a few seasons ago for an ambiguously gay, occasionally cross-dressing caricature – save for this past week's episode when Stewie is attracted to a little girl…while keeping up the cross-dressing gag. This one was all over the place, as the "Stewie in women's clothes" bit has been beaten to death by the writers and the over-the-top accent of faux female "Karina Smirnoff" made each scene excruciating. I did, however, dig the Meg/Lois subplot. When this show's impulsively immoral characters hit the right tone, it works. Lois seducing her daughter's boyfriend? Works.

(2) The Simpsons ("Postcards from the Wedge") - Wow. The Simpsons had enjoyed a small renaissance of sorts this season, but this week's show was staggeringly awful. It felt like a throwback to the writing from the middle of the last decade – relying on misplaced character motivation (Homer's
pro-education and Marge is agin' it?) and a tossed-off vulgarity or two. Bart's a bad student, his parents argue and everything works out in the end with the help of a long-abandoned subway train that still works. Lucky for them, this was only a two-episode Sunday.

MVP: Lois Griffin's takedown of Meg's boyfriend was gold – right down to the menstrual schedule. Although, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at a "slice of pizza" the same way, ever again.

Quote of the Night: "Uhh…rape?" - Lois Griffin (Family Guy)

Current Standings

The Simpsons – 53
The Cleveland Show – 43
Family Guy – 31
American Dad! – 30

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