Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Great Day to be Jalen's Dad

We're still on vacation in Arizona. Today was one for the books blog. And, even though it included a trip to Urgent Care for Jalen - he's fine, y'all - I'd still put it up there with the best days I've had as a father. Yeah, yeah, the pictures below had something to do with it (and there are more from the weekend on Facebook - including a shot of your favorite emaciated blogger in a wet suit top!), but when a LONG day ends with Jalen - groggy and almost out of it - pleading with me to stay up way past his bedtime to watch the end of the 3rd period, overtime and the concluding shootout of the Chicago Blackhawks v. Phoenix Coyotes game...then, it's all good.

(Photos, top to bottom: 3B Eric Chavez, OF Michael Taylor, SS Adam Rosales, RF Ryan Sweeney)

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Jag said...

I am very worried that the Jays trading Michael Taylor will bite us on our Canadian butts...