Thursday, March 11, 2010

30 A's in 30 Days – Travis Buck

Acquired: Drafted in first round (2005).
Contract: One year thru 2010. (Not yet eligible for arbitration.)
Position: Unloved and abused

Projected BA/OBP/SLG: (.262/.336/.418)

Over/Under: I'm a bigger Travis Buck fan than most A's supporters, but take the UNDER on that projection. Whatever numbers he puts up this season almost certainly won't come in Oakland, as Buck isn't just "in the doghouse" of team management. He's been kneecapped, bludgeoned and left for dead as our boy-genius General Manager poured cement atop Buck's barely-breathing body, making him one with the foundation that Billy Beane built the doghouse on.

explanation: Buck asked out of the line-up in late May after straining a muscle and then publicly questioned the team's decision to put him on the disabled list the following day. Buck's reward – in a season when the A's all but held open auditions after All-Star Break – was another summer at Triple-A and a few sporadic stints on the A's bench. In the offseason, the A's acquired, like, 80 new outfielders.

By the Numbers: 6 – Buck's jersey number. For the past three years, my son's favorite number was identical to his age at the time. And, Jalen's favorite A's player was whoever wore his favorite number. J turned six last month and it appears the Travis Buck era is heading for the same parting-of-the-ways as last year's Matt Holliday (#5) experience. Sorry, Jalen.

Surefire 2010 Prediction: Considering the A's once let their talent and statistical evaluation methodology become public record in the best-selling Moneyball, it's no surprise the team's poker face on Buck isn't fooling anyone. Despite Oakland's proclamations to the contrary, Buck is DONE in Oakland. And, the A's won't get equal value for a player who's so obviously fallen out of favor. Buck won't get 100 at-bats in Oakland this year.

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