Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TBG TV: Lost -- "Lighthouse"

Three Things I Dug:

RouNEWsseau: Mira Furlan's "Danielle Rousseau" character never received any extended development or proper send-off before Furlan had a falling out with the show's creators (weakly explained away as a disagreement over travelling to Hawaii) and was written out of the show. Claire is now filling Rousseau's role as the paranoid, weapons-wielding queen of the jungle and -- surprisingly -- I'm pickin' up what she's throwin' down. Emilie de Ravin is nailing the whole on-the-fringe-of-sanity detachment. The scenes with her casually dangling an ax off to the side and, later, processing Jin's lie about Aaron and the temple were subtly effective touches. Those scenes actually made the decidedly less subtle "cold-blooded murderer" Claire believable.

The Line About the Lighthouse: I've enjoyed most of the in-jokes the writers have slipped into some of scripts (last season's Hurley/Miles wink-wink debate on how convoluted things had gotten comes to mind). So, in an episode that is almost certainly going to polarize the show's hard-core fans, I'll dredge up goodness wherever I can. And, Jack's "how come we've never seen that before?" line when he and Hurley finally reached the lighthouse tickled me a bit. I'm willing to bet that Jack spoke that line just ahead of the 12 million people watching at home who had the exact same reaction.

The Heel Team: I'm...liking the bad guys, so far. In an epic war of good vs. evil, I'll take Dark Locke, Killa Claire and the young Ben-shootin', POW-torturing version of Sayid any day of the week.

Three Things I Didn't Dig:

The Lost Will: The "Claire Littleton" revelation in the alternate timeline couldn't possibly have been more contrived. Jack's mom couldn't find her deceased husband's will? Fine. It's silly, but, whatever. Then, after finding the will, she's surprised to find the name of his illegitimate daughter (and Jack's half-sister) in it? She'd NEVER seen her husband's will before that very moment? Really? Mrs. Bootleg and I had a trust written up five years ago. She checks it WEEKLY to make sure I've haven't tried to slip in the names of any unknown kids or well-meaning strippers.

The Rest of the Lighthouse: The phantom mirrors were bad enough. Then, we got Jack's inexplicable overreaction to seeing his childhood home in said mirrors. THAT'S the image that drives Dr. Jack over the edge? For six seasons, he's been the man of reason and rational thought whose practical belief system has been tested and tortured. So, a picture of his house drives him to wanton vandalism and screaming? And, later at the lighthouse, what was with Jacob's cold-ass diss of Hurley? ("Some people will do what they're told from the back of a cab, some need to look out at the ocean".) Damn, son.

Jin's Lie: I must be missing something obvious, but why did Jin recant his story to Claire about Kate and Aaron? Jin was just a few feet away from Claire when she did that bad, bad thing with her ax. She clearly stated her history and past encounters with the (other) Others -- even if some/most of it was just Claire's paranoia talking -- so what did Jin hope to achieve by intentionally directing her back to the Temple?

The Verdict: I'm not even going to get into this episode's biggest development, other than to say this -- if you're going to introduce a new character out of the blue, especially a child, then you damn sure better not write him as such a petulant ass from the get-go. The intermittent slivers of Claire-gone-crazy kept this one afloat, but it's time to f*****g do something, Lost. Anything.


SHough610 said...

I feel like a huge idiot because I didn't catch it at the time, but did you notice Jack's son is reading Alice in Wonderland? As in, "through the looking glass"?

I still remain unconvinced that Jacob is the good guy in all of this.

Joe said...

Killa Claire (love the name) scares me. I'm guessing Jin said he lied to keep himself alive. If you notice, he said "you need me to get into The Temple."

Progress on the merging of the two worlds though... Jack's appendix scar looked a lot fresher than it should if it was taken out when he was like 9 years old. Didn't he have his appendix removed on the Island?

Loved Hurley's line about Jacob being like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also the whole "I'm a candidate, so why don't you go back outside." Hugo rocks.

Also noticed that Kate's name was on the 108 wheel and wasn't scratched out, unlike last week in Jacob's cave. Perhaps Jacob and the Smoke Monster/Locke need different people?

Joe Reid said...

"why did Jin recant his story to Claire about Kate and Aaron?"

Maybe I just assumed the easy answer, but: so Claire won't be moved to shove an axe into Kate the second they cross paths?

That Bootleg Guy said...

I'll buy "first Joe's" explanation, I guess. Because, I thought that Claire didn't declare(!) her "I'mma kill Kate" position until after Jin changed his story.

Joe Reid said...

Well, sure, but I'm guessing Jin could extrapolate as much from her incredibly subtle behavior.

Tom said...

Just wait until we find out Juliet's the new boy's mother. Those blue eyes weren't a mistake, methinks.

Joe said...

I've always wanted a nickname, "First Joe" works for me

I'm kind of surprised ABC showed the other guy getting axed as much as they did. I figured they would do a cutaway shot and then we'd never see the guy again.

SHough610 said...

I'd agree that Juliet is going to be Jack Jrs mom except isn't she on V? I figured it wasn't shown because Sarah is on Modern Family.

But to support your fresher scar theory: your appendix is on the right side and Jack's scar is on the left. Let's assume that Jack is early-forties (he has a kid who is a teenager and probably didn't have the kid before his neurosurgery residency), the procedure that goes in on the right side is fairly new and unlikely to have been used on someone when Jack would have had it. It sort of annoys me that Jack and not Juliet is the focal point of what I think will be the connecting time lines, but c'est la vie