Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Best Thing Out of Baltimore Since The Wire

I can't say I'm at all enamored with Jalen's Little League experience, so far. I've been sitting on the outline of a post that itemizes my complaints, but I can assure you "jersey" won't make the list.

These appear to be made of that "Dri-Fit" material that's all the rage among runners who see nothing wrong with paying $55 for a short-sleeve Nike shirt. And, while it's silly for six-year-olds to wear their last names on their jerseys, Jalen can take the field knowing that he's wearing the same number I'd worn during my late-90s run in adult rec-league baseball (and basketball).

Quite the legacy to live up to, J. Let's not end up like


CrazyCanuck said...

That jersey is an epic bit of awesomeness. Though admittedly, a bit more from the front. But I'm nitpicking.

And I thought he was still doing T-ball this season. Or is that one of the issues that will be delved into with the inevitable blog post/complaint paper?

That Bootleg Guy said...

It's still T-ball, but under the oppressive auspices of Little League Baseball. J's first t-ball indoctrination was with an independent outfit.

Angry, rant-y post coming later this week.

Joe said...

I was just telling one of my coworkers that we got a raw deal when we were younger. Kids these days get professional looking uniforms and we were sponsored by stuff like "Chicos Bail Bonds"

/old man rant

Elena said...

Wow, he's turning into such a handsome boy - he's always so cute in your photos, but in these ones you can see a bit more of what he's going to look like when he grows up. I foresee some big trouble in your future!

Joe, I would be happy to take a 'Chicos Bail Bonds' shirt off your hands if you still have one lying around. That's a bit awesome.

That Bootleg Guy said...

We had blue and red uniforms for the "Padres" and were sponsored by Bob's Big Boy. In 1980 America, this was wrong on a bazillion levels.

CrazyCanuck said...

A blue and red Bob's Big Boy Padres uniform? Wow! That is so wrong, it's right. I'm impressed. You could probably turn it into an awesome ring outfit if the boy ever wanted to step into the squared circle.

"Now coming to the ring, led by his manager Agonized Aaron, weighing 78 pounds, Jumpin' Jalen Cameron!" Smell the buyrate!

Josh said...

Aaron can't smell the buyrate, since, you know, his sinuses don't work.

SHough610 said...

When he comes to bat his music should be "turkey in the straw" and you should yell "Jalen's coming! Jalen's coming!"