Saturday, February 27, 2010

TBG Eats: Subway for Breakfast

Current Weight: 168.2 lbs.

One of my favorite scenes in Adam Sandler's kinda-sorta (I'm gonna say it...) underrated flick Big Daddy is the" McDonald's breakfast" part:

My barbershop is adjacent to a Subway restaurant and after my Saturday head-shave, I strolled next door. There was just one Subway sandwich artist behind the counter -- couldn't have been more than 16 or 17 -- and the clock above her read 10:57 AM. Subway stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM.

I'd never ordered off of Subway's breakfast menu, but I'd meaning to do so for some time. Most of you know I'm not normally a breakfast guy, but considering the time of day, the meal I was about to consume was closer to a cross between breakfast and lunch. If such a word existed, it might be called "brunch".

It took a minute before I finally decided on a sausage and egg white sandwich. Another minute was wasted as the sandwich artist seemed thrown by my awkward ordering technique:

"Ummm...can I get a 'sausage and cheese' on flatbread, but without the cheese and with egg whites, instead?"

The young lady tossed my sandwich into Subway's communal microwave. In the meantime, two more customers had queued up behind me. The first person ordered a six-inch sandwich of some kind. I don't remember what it was, but I know it was a relatively simple order and not from the breakfast menu. Our two orders were finished almost simultaneously. It's now MAYBE two minutes past 11:00 AM.

The second guy who was behind me in line tries to order breakfast...and is denied!

"But, it's like TWO minutes after 11!"

[Gesturing towards me] "HE got breakfast and he was right in front of me!"

"You haven't even put the breakfast stuff away! I can see it! It's right in front of me!"

Yeah, the last one was my favorite, too.

The demure teenager working the counter stood her ground, though. She was very polite about it and the customer seemed more amused than annoyed. He left without ordering anything. I briefly contemplated the blog possibilities before remembering my surroundings -- a neighborhood with a Black barbershop -- and realized the likelihood of the disappointed customer coming back to get his breakfast sandwich. In italics!

My sausage and egg white sandwich concoction doesn't appear to be a "real" menu item here, but it was still a solid little meal. The sausage seemed to be unusually salty, but it's a nice-sized patty that's split in half. The thawed-out egg whites are what you'd expect from any place that's not your favorite diner, so I was glad I opted for the addition of Subway's southwest chipotle sauce on top.

The flatbread sandwich isn't the most satisfying breakfast around -- I could've slaughtered a second one immediately after the first -- but, as long as you're not looking for that "lumberjack breakfast bloat", this meal will fill your needs and your belly.

Just get there before 11:00 AM, yo.

Grade: 3.5 (out of 5)

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Joe said...

I was working at McDonald's when Big Daddy came out, and the "we don't serve breakfast past 11" conversation came up at least 3 times each weekend. We were pretty good about still giving people breakfast after that if we hadn't thrown it all out yet.

I don't know if I'd recommend getting breakfast at a fast food restaurant in that last hour, mainly because you can't guarantee how fresh your food is. During the morning we cooked non-stop but at about 10:30 we would switch the grills over to cook up regular & quarter pounder meat, so we could very little sausage & eggs for the rest of the morning.

I wouldn't say that any of the food was inedible at that point, but it definitely wasn't fresh from the grill either.