Thursday, February 4, 2010

TBG TV: Lost - "LA X"

Three Things I Dug:

The Little Things: I loved Ben's catatonic reaction after killing Jacob, followed by Michael Emerson's brilliantly delivered "Why did he let me kill him?" line. Miles' briefly referring to a distraught Sawyer as "boss" – calling back to their former employee/employer relationship – was well done without being too sticky-sweet. And, in two of the most awesomely intense moments of the entire series: Sawyer's "If she dies, I'll kill him" dagger and Dark Locke's phenomenal "I want to go home" line/look.

Two Timelines: It's been easy – and, FUN – to bash the show's writing and direction over the years, but credit where it's due: Lindelof and Cuse are heading to the finish line on their terms and clearly don't give a damn in creating an accessible storyline. Put off by last season's convoluted time-travelling tale? Then, you're sure to run from this season's concurrent narratives. I'm on board with it and already appreciate the possibility that crashing on the island was actually the best thing that could've happened to the castaways.

Big Smoke!: That opening fight scene with the Smoke Monster was GOLD! ONYX!

Three Things I Didn't Dig:

The Other Others: At what point does the Lost Island become Gilligan's Island? Those 1960s castaways seemed to stumble across new island inhabitants every week, which lent to the show's absurdity. I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to a point, but come on. An entire populace is just now revealed and the explanation for their absence in the first five seasons is "they were hiding behind that wall"?

Retroactive Hate: Can't say I'm excited to see the return of two characters who I couldn't wait to get off my screen six years ago: cocky, obnoxious Sawyer and fugitive bad-ass kung-fu Kate. The evolution of Sawyer, especially, was one of my favorite aspects of last season and now – for a few scenes – I get to hate them all over again this season.

LAX Ladies Room: I know made this point on Wednesday night, but it bears repeating…an empty women's restroom in an airport? I mean, come on. Come on!

Verdict: Lindelof and Cuse went on record in last week's Entertainment Weekly, admitting that not every question would be answered by the end of the show's run this spring. If they'd rather distract their loyal viewers with balls-out episodes like this one to get our minds off of "whatever happened to Walt?", I can live wit' it.

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mathan said...

(Thanks to two blizzards I can catch up on some reading!)

It's been a long journey Aaron, and I've go to say that I'm glad you've stuck with it. I eagerly await your thoughts on this final season of Lost.

And for the record I agree with pretty much every one of your points here. Although seeing the old Sawyer reminded me of some good times back at a certain super secret staff forum.