Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Last Week in TBG TV: September 14 -18, 2009

The Office - "Gossip"

Run-on Plot: Michael Scott spreads several untrue rumors around the office to cover up an earlier rumor he spread that turned out to be true except – by chance – another rumor from Michael's second wave of rumors turns out to be true, too.

Good: Right out of the season six gate, we get one of the three annual episodes that (kind of) focuses on a secondary character. Who'll be next? Erin the new receptionist? One of Angela's cats?

Not-So-Good: Am I the only one who needs closed captioning to follow John Krasinski's smarmy mumbling? Enunciate, Halpert!

Pam & Jim's Insufferably Adorable Index (IAI): 9.5 (out of 10)…ultrasound pictures, playful sassing over a "shotgun" wedding and the precious pregnancy disclosure!

Grade: C+

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