Thursday, September 17, 2009

TBG TV: 2009 Fall Preview – Thursday

Shows I'm Already Watching: I'm still watching The Office (NBC), even though I grudgingly accept that it will never again reach the consistent comedic heights of its first three seasons. Last year's "Michael Scott Paper Company" storyline was a funny – and sometimes fascinating – diversion, but after a few weeks everything was disappointingly back to normal. Even Ryan – the former intern turned coked-out corporate executive charged with defrauding shareholders – returned to his position as…intern. The highlight of the upcoming sixth season is a pregnancy storyline. Why am I still watching The Office?

New Show to TiVo: Yup…I'm on board with FlashFoward (ABC) and I don't care who knows. I'm already amused by how every write-up of the show includes quotes from writers and producers who are doing everything they can to distance their hour-long serial drama from Lost. Two paragraphs later, there are quotes from Dominic Monaghan and Sonya Walger – Charlie and Penny from Lost, respectively, who are starring in FlashFoward. Hey, I'm a sucker for "our entire planet hangs in the balance" nonsense. As long as it doesn't move at the glacial pace of The 4400, I'll stick around all season.

New Show with No Chance: I don't wanna sound like the old crank that I actually am, but back in MY day, vampires were neither young nor sexy. They were kindly old Muppets who wore monocles and taught preschoolers how to count. They were part of a nutritious breakfast and foil to pink Frankenstein monsters. They were Eddie Murphy. The Twilight phenomenon knows no bounds, so I'll graciously step aside and let you youngins have your Vampire Diaries (CW). Just remember, Ian Somerhalder is no Count Chocula and Nina Dobrev can't touch 1995 Angela Bassett. Besides, She-Hulk Bassett would crush Dobrev if she even tried.


SHough610 said...

30 Rock?! C'mon, Cam, you're killing me. I feel like Krusty in the clown college episode when he was watching the globetrotters game. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are funny bit the real stars are Trqcy Morgan and Jack McBriar. Morgan brings this hilarious self-absorption and crazy to the character (YouTube werewolf bar mitzvah) that just kills. And McBriar is just gold as the ignorant rube (he said ochoa allergy to strawberries "I'm very allergic, if I have one my throat shuts up faster than a woman in math class")

Anonymous said...

You really should try watching Fringe, it's the only show from last season that I actually watched reguarly.

That Bootleg Guy said...

I tried to get on the 30 Rock bandwagon, Sam. I've liked the few eps. I've seen, but for whatever reason, I haven't gone all in. I'll throw season one on the Netflix queue.

Fringe looks cool and has gotten good reviews, but those hour long mystery drama-y things require a lot of investment. I'll add it to the queue, too, though.

Tom said...

The 30 Rock craze drives me insane. Apparently I'm the only one who refuses to give Tina Fey a pass for how insanely unfunny SNL was through her head writer stint.