Sunday, September 20, 2009

TBG TV: 2009 Fall Preview – Sunday

Shows I'm Already Watching: Those of you reading this know I've been prone to quoting The Simpsons in my writing on rare occasions. These quotes are almost exclusively from the first ten seasons of the show – otherwise known as "when it was good". Now, don't let this get out…but, The Simpsons is kinda-sorta good again. No, not "GREAT" good…just good-good. Oh, come on…it's the show's 20th season this year. Program it onto your DVR, at least. What have you got to lose? I'm also still watching Family Guy and American Dad. The former is running on fumes (phasing out "evil Stewie" for "gay Stewie"?!) and the latter has turned into the "effeminate alien-in-disguise show".

New Show to TiVo: I know what you're all thinking. "If that n***a says 'The Cleveland Show'…" Well, you might wanna skip down to the next section. Yes, the previews look…uh, what's the opposite of "funny"? And, Family Guy's "Cleveland" character is the most uninteresting of Peter Griffin's triad of chums. So, umm…well, here we are. Hey, wait…! According to Entertainment Weekly, Cleveland lives next to a family of talking bears! I'm in!

New Show with No Chance: Sorry, Bored to Death. I don't have HBO.

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