Monday, September 14, 2009

TBG TV: 2009 Fall Preview – Monday

Shows I'm Already Watching: Nothing. Huh…then, what the hell am I doing on Monday nights? A few years ago, everyone told me to start watching Heroes. Before long, everyone was bitching about Heroes. Damn it, America, which is it? I've never seen a single episode of Two and a Half Men despite its omnipresence in syndication – sorry, I still blame Jon Cryer for ruining Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. And, the whole "nonconformist doctor who WON'T wash his hands" premise of House has never intrigued me. Omar Epps – a working Black actor! – notwithstanding.

New Show to TiVo: You aren't giving me much to work with, Monday night. Are there really only two new shows debuting on Mondays this fall? Fine. In a mild upset, I'll go with Jenna Elfman's last chance at television relevance - Accidentally on Purpose (CBS). She plays an older woman who gets pregnant by a younger man. Ugh. Well, at least it's 30 minutes shorter than Trauma.

New Show with No Chance: If I'm going to watch an hour-long medical drama, it's going to be part of the "freak show series" on Discovery Health. Sorry, Trauma (NBC), but there's nothing you can show me that could top Mystery Diagnosis: The Woman with a Knife in Her Head or Half-Ton Dad.


Scottdids said...

If you haven't given them a chance, go with The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

The premise of Big Bang is ridiculously formulaic (two nerds living next door to hot girl, one nerd of course falls in love, repeat Ross and Rachel love story), but Jim Parsons is worth watching alone as Sheldon. He should get an Emmy for his work, but I'm not sure how many people actually watch the show.

As for HIMYM, again, ignore the premise (the whole mystery of who the children's mother is) and enjoy the comedy. If you liked movies like Knocked Up, you'll like this show (Jason Segel is in both, so I'm sure its not a total coincidence). A lot of immature guys and girls growing up (but not that much) as they enter their 30's.

A lot of the situations on there, I find myself relating to things my friends and me would actually do. Like when Barney attempts to wreck Ted's chances with a girl by getting him to grow a bad mustache simply to win a forgetten $10 bet from almost a year ago. Maybe I need new friends.

The only issue I have with these shows is that they sandwich the suck that is Two and A Half Men.

And if you want your freak show quotient satisfied, watch A&E. They have a show on Mondays called Hoarders.

SHough610 said...

Scott's right, I love How I Met Your Mother and enjoy Big Bang Theory.

How I Met Your Mother is the better of the two shows, IMO, mainly because the characters are more 3-D and likable.

Mrs. S. - Arizona said...

We're fans of How I Met Your Mother too...Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Hoser)is really funny. But, I assumed you'd be watching Monday Night Football...