Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AiAA: McDonald's Hunger Pangs/Pains

Longtime Friend of the Bootleg, E.C., writes:

"How come you never review anything from McDonald's for your TBG Eats features?"

Don't make me rescind your "longtime" merit badge, son. It's been awhile, but I covered McDonald's
Chicken Biscuit in May 2008. Before that, "TBG ate" their Angus Third-Pound Burger and breakfast burrito. Hell, when The Cam Fam did Hawaii, I ate Mickey D's Spam and eggs. None of this rings a bell? I'm a two-time writer of the year, Eric and you're telling me the 700 hastily-written posts here at TBG don't stay with you?

Anyways, to answer your question: (1) Stately Bootleg Manor is about a mile from Taco Bell, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box and several smaller chain or family-owned hole-in-the-wall restaurants. The nearest McDonald's is a 15 minute drive from my house. (2) Every burger at McDonald's tastes the same, regardless of toppings.

I'll give the Golden Arches props for the ridiculously delicious Sausage McGriddle, but it's rare that I eat more than a cereal bar for breakfast these days. As a result, I only write about McDonald's when they introduce a relatively daring new menu item…or when they've produced another entry for AiAA – Adventures in Awful Advertising!

Everyone – except Eric – might remember that a McDonald's spot inspired
the first AiAA post. Glad to see the brand back with such a vengeful annoyance.

An apology up front for the lousy sound, but it's the only version of the commercial I could find. In just 30 seconds, these two irritating guys manage to overshadow the most commercially successful fast food name on earth with their ridiculous bickering.

This one hits home with me, since I know so many people, similar to the "hunger pains" imbecile, who say things like "I could care less" when it's "I couldn't care less" or invent words such as "irregardless". Conversely, the know-it-all who tries to correct his friend in this ad reminds me of…me. Am I really THAT big of douchebag when I'm attempting to constructively criticize someone's syntax with the hope of making him or her a better speaker?

Probably not, but the question does give me pause for thought.


Laura said...

That imbecile in the McD ad isn't the only one who thinks it's "pains." A writer for Yahoo's site omg! uses it, too. And the writer is a supposed "professional."

SHough610 said...

"Irregardless" is one of my pet peeves. It's mixing up irrespective and regardless and it makes the speaker sound like an idiot.

One of the more common (and therefore infinitely more frustrating) mix ups is "enamored with". It's actually enamored OF and people make the mistake all the time.

:Pushes glasses up on face: You're not the only one who this kind of stuff bothers Cam

Elena said...

When I was doing my massage course (shut up), one of my teachers would warn us against over-working a client by relaying the same story of the time she worked too hard on a woman and 'literally anniliated' her.

1) The word is 'annihilated', not 'anniliated', moron.
2) You did not 'literally' annihilate her unless you massaged her for so effing long that her body was obliterated, leaving nothing but a faint wisp of smoke. Which you did not do.

Every time this came up I'd rant about it after class, so it became a running joke among the students; whenever she launched into the story all heads would swivel to look at me, while I literally burned holes in the desk with my eyes.