Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Belated Trade Deadline Analysis

Reader Michael writes:

Did you ever do a write up with your opinion of the Matt Holliday trade? I saw your post where the St. Louis guy shared his thoughts and your July A's post where you rip Holliday to shreds, but what did you think of the deal?

Michael, m'man…you're in luck. Well, eventually. I recently completed a collaborative post for
Tailgate Crashers with none other than "The St. Louis Cardinals Guy" – Eugene Tierney. He and I broke down the big deadline deals, including Matt Moss Holliday.

Check it out
right here.


Scottdids said...

Hey Cam, sorry about all your health issues.

You know I'm an M's fan so I'm going to try to defend the Clement trade. Jack Z (Seattle GM) basically looked at the shortstop market this offseason and didn't see anything worth persuing. He didn't want to subject us to the torture of watching Yuni Betancourt or Ronny Cedeno any longer, so he took on a contract for one year at about market value in Wilson to buy him some time, and got Snell as an 'upside' arm thrown in the deal.

I'm really liking your A's on the pitching side, they're already above average on that side, even if nobody has heard of those guys. Is there much to look forward to on the hitting side though where we might see them competitive again? I look at that lineup and wonder who will still be around in 2 years.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Arrgh. Winnable game tonight until the Kennedy error. A's fans kill me. 99% of them want Kennedy back at 3B next year. Never mind that he can't hit LHP or since June 1, he's put up an OPS of .662. And, he's NOT a third baseman! Jesus.

Scottdids said...

Hey, it could be worse, 99% of Mariners fans want Griffey back. I'm looking for a barn to take him out behind and put him out of his misery the old-fashioned way. It's not 1995 kids.