Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's 3:00 AM and Aaron Can't Sleep

Name all 30 NHL teams!

Aaron's Score: 27 out of 30 – I totally blame the insomnia, kids. And, that's not a cop-out as I spaced on the New Jersey Devils (unforgiveable), the Ottawa Senators (less so) and the Washington Capitals (what's worse than "unforgiveable"?). I must've entered "Stars" a dozen times, wondering why it wouldn't take when, after my five minutes were up, I realized…it took.

Name all 30 MLB managers!

Aaron's Score: 26 out of 30 – I threw in the towel with a little less than five minutes to go. I'll take comfort in the fact that I know the new Seattle Mariners' manager AND how to spell "Piniella". And, I take no shame in blanking on the last name of the Royals' skipper or forgetting the forgettable men who helm the Orioles, Pirates and Marlins.

Name the teams that have never played in a Super Bowl!

Aaron's Score: 4 out of 5 – Only had a minute for this one and I omitted the team that (according to the page's stats) more people missed than any other. So, there.

Name the characters from Challenge of the Superfriends!

Aaron's Score: 23 out of 24 – No excuse. Just…no excuse. Again, according to the stats, it was the least recognizable name on there, but still.

Name the ringers from Homer at the Bat!

Aaron's Score: 9 out of 9 – 19 seconds. Pfft…challenge me.


Joe Reid said...

NHL: Got them all with 3:25 left on the clock.

MLB: 11 out of 30, which is actually better than I thought I'd do. I give myself spelling credit on "Scioscia," though I'm not sure I should get credit for typing in Cito Gaston's name and discovering that he's back coaching the Blue Jays. (I kid, but I think I forgot I knew that.)

Super Bowl No-Shows: 5/5 with 42 seconds left.

Superfriends: 10/24. Whatever, nerds.

Homer at the Bat: 9/9 in one minute, because I weirdly spaced on Roger Clemens. Probably because I kept thinking of Homer going "It's five years later and I STILL think I'm a chicken. I'm a chicken, Marge!"

Shough610 said...

17, but I had to google Scioscia before I started.

SHough610 said...

The Homer at Bat one I got between 17-20 seconds (I won't say because I beat you and I don't think you'll print it if I did :-P). Got all of the super bowl no-shows except the Saints. Didn't even attempt the super friends... Before my time, old man (Unfortunately, I also missed out on Transformers and MASK by *this much*, though I inherited my brother's toys and I didn't give a f*ck if I'd missed them on TV, the toys were awesome). 27/30 on NHL, I missed St. Louis, Nashville, and Columbus. Really? There's a Nashville and Columbus hockey team but none in Winnipeg or Qubec? I'm one of the 25 remaining hockey fans on the planet.

that mexican guy said...

I think I speak for all hardcore sports fans who only follow the NHL thru the occasional ESPN highlight or the annual visual spectacle of that "ice bowl" game they play on New Year's Day when I ask:

The FUCK is a Columbus Blue Jacket???