Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why College Football Can Kiss My Black Ass

I transferred to San Diego State University in August 1995 and graduated in December 1997.

SDSU has a Division I football program, but I got there a couple of years after the Marshall Faulk Experience. Since his departure, the Aztecs' relevancy in this town (and on campus) has been inversely proportional to the sheer ineptitude of the program.

This is why yesterday's nationally televised afternoon game against Notre Dame might've been the most important game for SDSU in the 13 years I've lived in this conservative cesspool of temperate sunshine and reasonably priced seafood restaurants.

Last weekend, the Aztecs lost to Division I-AA Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – the second time in three seasons that SLO came to San Diego and beat SDSU. Yesterday, the Aztecs had a chance to punch the Fighting Irish square in their sanctimonious mugs.

SDSU took a 13-7 lead into the fourth quarter, but an inexcusable fumble by Aztec RB Brandon Sullivan at Notre Dame's 1-yard line – which capped an incompetent afternoon that featured a missed FG and extra point – turned the momentum back to the Irish. Notre Dame scored on the next possession (made their extra point) and never looked back.

Just three questions from me: (1) NBC doesn't really believe the Irish "mystique" is still alive do they? The notion that a win over Notre Dame would "put the Aztecs on the map" was floated over the airwaves a few times. This sounded more like a damning indictment on the inherent conflict of interest between the network and their multimillion dollar deal with Notre Dame than anything else. (2) Can everyone admit that Ty Willingham's firing after three seasons (21-15) in Notre Dame was driven in large part by the color of his skin? Current coach Charlie Weis has been comically inept since his own recruiting classes started playing for him and an 8-point win (at home) against one of the worst five D-1 teams in the country is…not a good sign. (3) How can the Aztecs be outfitted by Nike, yet have such ugly unis? (Sorry, kids, but I love the Oregon jerseys). Really!

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