Thursday, September 11, 2008

TBG TV: Do Not Disturb

The 10-Word Premise: Wacky ensemble cast works at New York hotel. Stereotypes a'poppin'.

Starring: Jerry O'Connell as "Neil", the hotel's general manager and Nicey Nash as "Rhonda", the sassy (natch) H.R. director.

The Best Thang: Donnie Darko's Jolene Purdy is terrific as the receptionist/top model for Indiana's second-largest plus-size women's clothing chain.

The Worst Thang: Here's a quick description of the rest of the cast – libidinous pretty boy, beautiful blonde b*tch, gay guy, sarcastic twerp and sista-girl. Is there such a thing as less than one-dimensional?

The Verdict: On the one hand, I'm glad to see the usually entertaining Nash (Reno 911!) get a network gig. On the other…well, the show isn't as terrible as every critic in America would have you believe, but it's still pretty bad. O'Connell's just cashing a paycheck and everyone else will be running from this blip on their résumés in four to six weeks.

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