Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TBG's 2008 NFL Pickin' – Week #1 (Thursday)

For the third straight year, Joe Reid and I have decided to settle our differences by watching others play football and guessing the outcome. Joe, for those of you who don't know, is originally from Buffalo, New York and a die-hard fan of the Toronto Bills. His gridiron experience includes a scathing review of Any Given Sunday for his high school newspaper (headline: "More Like 'Any Given Sun-DULL'") and ownership of the only men's, adult-sized #7 Bills jersey.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in New York state, sits Tom Daniels. His recent sports-related accomplishments include the one millionth published mash note to Mike and the Mad Dog and an uncommon courage in the face of being a Mets fan, knowing that their bullpen will break his heart and end his team's season within the next six weeks. He's thrown down the gauntlet and has obviously forgotten what happened the LAST time a middle-aged Black guy from Long Beach took on NYC.

Washington at N.Y. Giants

Joe: So the Redskins are betting the season on the arm of Jason Campbell, while the defending Super Bowl champs have a defense so depleted by free agency, retirement, and injury that they'll soon be looking to Rick Moranis for depth. Look it up. I'd bet on a Super Bowl hangover for the G-Men, but Washington's going to have one of those 7-9, "once these guys learn the West Coast Offense business is sure gonna pick up!" seasons. Pick: NY Giants

Aaron: Seven months after winning the greatest Super Bowl of all time, the Giants are still playing the no respect card? Really? Their plucky underdog schtick was only adorable when lined up across from the Brady/Belichick Axis of Evil. Now, with a $25,000 championship ring on their fingers and the eternal gratitude of 44 out of 50 states, they think they're going to sneak up on someone? Pick: NY Giants

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