Monday, August 6, 2007

Time to Dust Off Those Penny Hardaway Jokes

I'm off to Orlando on business for the rest of the week.

While I'm gone, come back regularly and check out the current weather conditions down there.

It's like a suburb of hell!


thatnicka said...

70% humidity??? feels like 98? -

Ok imagine that while wearing a wool suit to a wedding and getting caught in one of their famous downpours.

Joe R. said...

What's that? Faced with the possibility of leaving your hermetically sealed San Diego bubble and you're pre-bitching about the weather? The worm has turned, my friend.

that mexican guy said...

Went out to Orlando with Cam this week but sadly our favorite light-skinned lightweight actually had to work on this business trip. Quick personal highlight before he can blog about it: AJC in a black suit (buttoned up, tie in a Michael Irvin-esque Windsor knot) taking what appeared to be a hotel towel out of his laptop bag and dabbing his moist brow and bald head after walking about 500 yards from his rental car to the front door of the convention center.

It was 8AM.

That Bootleg Guy said...

I'd never even HEARD of "heat index" before I got there. Even worse, most places down there keep the A/C set around 80, instead of the meat locker-like 60-something that I prefer.

More post-bitching to come.